Tanyuu, if you were

Sublime Tanyuu

Tanyuu, if you were
My friend, then you would be my best, and I would confide my most clandestine secrets to you.
My sister, then I would be your guardian, and I would protect you with all my might and soul.
My boss, then I would revere you, and your wish would be my command.
My servant, then you would be the freest, and I would serve you instead.
A bum, then I would throw my wallet and keys into your cup, and donate all my worldly possessions to you.
A demon, then I would convert, and I would break all religious rules just to see you. Heaven would be hell, and hell would be heaven.
Now you understand why the following three words are so woefully inadequate, and pales in comparison:
I lo…

I have presented this shamelessly expressing poem once before, but it was recited in 4chan, where these lines disappeared like a sparkle of evaporating electricity in cyberspace within a day. So from memory, I decided to rewrite it here where it will have more permanence, with a few minor changes in descriptive words. I am also the author of the vector image of Tanyuu that accompanies this poem. My reasons for creating this vector, and first presentation is given here. For those of you who do not recognize her, she is from an anecdote in an anime and manga series called Mushishi, a transcendent and profound experience. Perhaps the picture will help one comprehend my appreciation for this character. For some intangible reason, I cannot complete those final words. There is something within my very being, latent, until I trespass onto that phrase, where its immense strength shows itself and seizes hold of my body, as if to prevent me from making a catastrophic mistake. What mistake?

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