Mushishi Volume 1

Volume 1 cover.

Del Rey’s Mushishi manga volume one came yesterday, and I’m a happier man. What can I say, I love Mushishi. I have spoken a lot of good words about Mushishi in the ever distancing past that I’m too lazy to amalgamate and repeat now, but suffice to say, Mushishi is one of the best series I have ever experienced, not merely within the domain of anime or entertainment. When I first saw the anime I liked it so much that I knew if any mediums of Mushishi ever gets licensed, I will have to own it. When the anime ended I still wanted more of Ginko’s perpetual journey, so I read the manga English scanlations, which unfortunately were stalled in the middle of volume two. Thankfully Del Rey picked it up, and a tangible translated volume can exist in my hand.
The first volume’s five chapters are the basis for the first five episodes of the anime, although aired in a different order from the manga. The anime is greatly faithful to the manga, so faithful that the manga serves like a storyboard in the animation production process, and its frames are simply animated through in the anime. Many scenes and dialogues are completely identical. When volume two comes I will pretend for a brief moment someone else does not exist and embrace it passionately within my arms, because it contains the ever sublime Tanyuu, even if she is just arrangements of ink stains on pieces of paper. Sigh, I await for you, Tanyuu…

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