Andy Mckee’s A Sphere – My Cover

“Inspired by the flawless shape.”
– Andy Mckee

The album version on Gates of Gnomeria was a duet, which I did not particularly like. The other instrument at best was extraneous and at worse ruined the song. I felt the solo mp3 that came with the official tabs from CandyRat was superior, and a much better listen. Personally, I think this song was born out of random finger exercises in a completely novel tuning. My theory is this: one day Andy Mckee decided to tune his guitar to CGCGAE on a whim, or perhaps because he, like I, thought this open tuning was beautiful. He then screwed around in this tuning. Eventually he gathered enough interesting bits, pieces, and sections to make a song, and sew a couple of these fragments together and called it “A Sphere”. Regardless, A Sphere has this mysteriously alluring feeling. While songs like Rylynn or The Friend I Never Met have strong senses of emotions or stories, A Sphere does not have any clear ties to any particular emotions or tale. Like Novella, it is a piece that fits any and all moods. Hence, it is one of those songs I find myself playing when I want to just get away from something, when I want to occupy my mind with the guitar, to temporarily displace my depression, or worries, or whatever that was bothering me.

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2008 Fall Season of Anime

Summer is winding down and autumn will start in September. After going through the list, these are the animes of 2008’s fall season that I will first watch:

To Aru Majutsu no Index – In the real world, science and the supernatural are in opposition, where the former debunks the latter. However, in the world of To Aru Majutsu no Index, science supports the supernatural. I wonder what such an universe would be like.

Casshan SINS – Again another anime where I am interested in the setting. The trailer appears to promise much action.

Shikabane-hime Aka – It has a paper thin premise: an undead girl must hunt down 108 corpses to go to heaven. I merely expect Shikabane-hime Aka to deliver on the main attraction: pretty girl kicking some undead butt.

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After my first day as a computer technician

In between studying for the GRE, and reading application processes of numerous universities in preparation for graduate school, I regularly sent resumes in search of another job. Finally, after nearly three months since graduation, I landed one yesterday. One interview and one trial work test later, I was hired as a computer technician who works full time for a store that specializes in troubleshooting computers.
My father was a computer engineer, and being close to computers since childhood developed in me a strong aptitude in computers. Also, I am a computer gamer, and not only that, I am the most technologically demanding computer gamer: I am a first person shooter fan. So I need to know about computers, both in terms of software and hardware, out of gaming necessity, which has maintained or even increased my aptitude after my father changed his career. Although I certainly do not think that I am an almighty expert in computers, I thought I had a lot of skills to bring to the store.
It turns out that, compared to my coworkers, I am greener than my neighbor’s well watered lawn. Currently I am only capable of the “basics”, such as formatting, installing operating systems/drivers/software, and attaching/removing computer components, all of which I did repeatedly today. Other than that there was not much else I could do. So I questioned and observed diligently of other coworkers. After my queries exhausted, and with literally nothing else to do, I spent the last hour of my shift practically doing nothing by fiddling with applications of a troubled computer.
Fortunately everyone, including the boss, is extremely casual. The atmosphere is very jolly, with constant jokes and cusses thrown lightheartedly about. And farting is open and unabashed, I am not kidding. A television is always on. It is a great environment to work in.
As a first day, I liked it, despite not being able to do more. Soon enough I will.

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Slayers Revolution after episode 06 – Final Thoughts

It's a secret! Lina in a sexy pose.
Rolling balls... ...and idiocy.

Like an answer to my plea made at the end of episode four, episode five delivered the beginnings of a serious plot. Unfortunately after episode five, just when I thought the show was going to embark into this more substantial story, it gave a filler episode, and a completely inane one at that. There is a blurry line between silliness and stupidity, and where that boundary is marked various from person to person. Slayers Revolution brandishes writing and comedy that waddles right on my border. Episode six, however, crosses the line by light years. I mean, rolling huge balls up onto a mountain? And the behavior of that elder woman…I ran my hands down my face many times through episode six, and by the end of it all, left me with an annoyed feeling of having been bait-and-switched.
Incidentally, the English fansubs I have been following has stopped due to Cease and Desist letters sent by FUNimation. I am going to take this as a sign to abandon Slayers Revolution.

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Nijuu Mensou no Musume after episode 14

What a wuss. Chiko fighting the White Haired Demon (again).
Long silver hair, purple eyes, doll joints, and a malicious smile demeanor.  The only thing missing are black wings. This airship flew much longer than I thought possible after being rocked by many bundles of dynamite.

Spoilers warning.
The white haired demon was an old flame of Twenty faces, and she wants retribution from being dumped? Check.
Twenty Faces survived the events of episode six? Of course.
White haired demon’s powers was related to the research done by her and Twenty Faces? Yup.
I did not like this white haired demon arc as much as the thievery arc in the beginning. While the heists were more creative, the white haired demon story was more predictable. I also found the resolution to the arc slightly underwhelming. We have a woman who is so deeply embittered about a past breakup that she dedicates literally her life towards destroying her ex-lover, and failing that anything related to him. When she finally has him at gunpoint, she is placated by a mere two lines of dialogue. Granted, she still loves him, but it hard to believe two little sentences is able to erase years of bitterness. A more plausible outcome would be if she fired the gun and made sure both of them would be together, in the afterlife. It would have ended on an even more tragic note. Maybe the writers need Twenty Faces to stay alive because he will play another role or exert some influence in future episodes. In fact, I am betting on that.
Anyhow, in every tale so far there is a fair amount of tension, suspense, and character development. Nijuu Mensou no Musume is still one of the better animes in the roster I am currently watching.

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