Persona Trinity Soul after episode 26 – Final Thoughts

'Hey ladies, how about a threesome?' Suddenly, your dad comes back to life, as a woman.
Excessive symbolism in the form of feathers. This was a well composed and touching scene.

At last, to my relief, I finished Persona Trinity Soul. Watching this anime has a tendency to give me a headache. At the beginning of this show, I thought it was going be an intelligent supernatural thriller. Little did I know the story was going to turn into a mind numbing and convoluted mess. The storytelling follows a regular pattern: intrigue would build up for a few episodes, and then there would be an information dump, as a character reveals and explains nearly everything that has happened the previous episodes. The process repeats. After the first information dump, my reaction was “Hmm, interesting.”, after the second “Sure…OK.”, and by the last dump I was like “Whatever.” I understand the show wanted to maintain the sense of mystery, but as the story grew ever so tortuous, my concern for the plot waned. By the end of the final episode I am still not very sure what the heck went on in the anime, and nor do I care.
There are some redeeming qualities. The anime has really attractive female character designs. There are moments here and there that are well composed, such as Ryou’s escapade in a bear suit in episode six, and the snow scene with Kanaru and Shin in episode twenty-four. The main characters themselves, although none of them are in anyway exceptional when compared to the rest of the medium, were decent and functional.
Alas, these few pluses were smothered by the overly convoluted script. I should have dropped Persona Trinity Soul earlier.

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