Mushishi – After Volume 4

I have read four manga volumes of Mushishi, and the fifth one is in the mail. My favorite story so far, in both the manga and anime, is the Sea of Brushstrokes, not only because it features the enchanting Tanyuu, but also of how well Ginko and Tanyuu fit each other. She cannot walk and may not ever travel, and he is on an unending journey and may never settle down. Once in a while one comes across a scene from a movie, a television show, an anime, a novel, or whatever medium of entertainment or art, that sears itself into memory. One such instance for me resides in this story. It was when Ginko (the very lucky man) was carrying Tanyuu on piggyback, and she sat on a boulder and Ginko next to it. The short conversation they had was so subtle, so profound, with so much meaning in so little words, and both understanding each other as if their souls were communicating. The halcyon landscape and atmosphere could be an indication of the quality of their companionship, and further adds to the poignancy of the scene. I am both in awe and envy of their match.
Although the dialogue and storyboard are essentially reproduced from the manga to the anime, when the stories are brought to motion and sound, the experience surpasses its origin. There are ten manga volumes, and the anime selected chapters from the first five. There should more than enough material left in the latter five to animate another season. With a masterpiece work of art such as Mushishi, a second season would be enthusiastically welcomed not only by me, but by nearly everyone who has seen the first season.

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