Derek Patton

In the modest but growing genre of fingerstyle guitar, artists such as Don Ross, Andy Mckee, and Don Alder I would loosely classify as percussion fingerstyle guitarists, because they like to tap, slap, and bang their guitars. These striking techniques, pardon the pun, add an extra element to the creation of their music, and strengthens the rhythm in percussion heavy pieces. They also amplify a sense of musical flair, emphasizing the style in fingerstyle, and makes their performances all the more impressive acoustically, and especially, visually. More often than not the fingerstyle guitarists I listen to are these percussion types.
Nevertheless, once in a while a non-percussion fingerstyle guitarist catches my fancy. Derek Patton, who I discovered merely yesterday through a YouTube video sent by the artist himself, plays with passion, dedication, skills, and talent. These are qualities aforementioned artists all possess, and are qualities that define superior artists and music. Although Patton does utilize striking techniques, they are not a major theme in his works. Non-precussion fingerstyle guitarists have to rely more on melody and harmony to hook their audience, and Patton presents that with stunning beauty. Here are a few of his pieces I find particularly entrancing:

Eleventh Hour
Marjorie & Athena

He is promoting himself on YouTube. I, who is enjoying his music, am doing my part to help by plugging him on my blog.

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