Starcraft 2: Wings Of Liberty – After Campaign and Few Hours of Multiplay

Oh yeah! Independence Day style baby! wears a mask.
Bros before hoes but...I prefer snipe over ultrasonic pulse. Tough choice. Nukes are still as satisfying as ever.
Epic fight to the very end. Raynor gets the girl. Big surprise.

So I finally finished the campaign on hard difficulty, and sunk a couple hours into multiplayer. I actually have some, *gasp*, complaints about this otherwise great game. I am actually disappointed in the writing of the campaign. A lot of dialogue, particularly Jim Raynor’s, felt like Blizzard was trying for a spaghetti western feel…in space. There were extremely cheesy one liners everywhere, said by everyone. And the plot stops (temporary) in typical Hollywood fashion: Raynor holds the rescued damsel in distress and walks into the (alien) sunset. So much cheese I need some wine…
I am also disappointed by the fact that some Terran returning units in campaign are not available in multiplayer. For example, the medic, an essential ingredient in campaign armies, is omitted in multiplayer. In lieu of medics are medivacs, which also doubles as a dropship and are more expensive and is higher up on the tech chain. Perhaps it is a balancing issue, where if the medic (and other missing Terran units like firebats and goliaths) were included in multiplay, it would make the already strong Terran too strong in multiplayer. Or perhaps it is to eliminate overlapping roles. Firebats and hellions have similar attacks, so do goliaths and thors.
The writing, voiceacting, and animation are all really the cherry on top. Starcraft 2: Wings Of Liberty excels where it needs to be, in its gameplay. Whether its campaign battles versus AI, or 1v1 league matches, the game is intense from the moment you produce your first SCV/Drone/Probe to the moment you win or lose. And that is why this series will last another decade.

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  1. Muir, it has been a while since I last read you. In the meantime, I’ve played SC2’s Beta since the beginning, reached Plat then Diamond once.

    The whole reason of the Dropship thing is to avoid Baneling cheeses, if Medic was in normal Skirmishes, she would die automatically. Also, they can even carry Thors wherever you want, so it’s a fine all in one Unit.

    I dislike Hellions, and I agree with you there, it’s like they replaced Firebats with a faster Unit.

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