The Expendables

I watched The Expendables last night. When I first saw its trailer months ago, I was amazed at the casting. How could I not watch a movie where the biggest actions stars of Hollywood are concentrated in one movie? As a fan of classics such as Rambo, The Terminator, Once Upon a Time in China, and Die Hard, I simply couldn’t.
This Expendables is a good-old fashioned action flick, so old-fashioned it almost feels campy. The movie was a lot funnier than expected. There was a scene that took place inside a church, where three iconic action stars meet, Stallone, Willis, and Schwarzenegger. So much manliness in one room I thought the church was going to explode with fists flying or guns blazing at any second. Instead, Stallone and Schwarzenegger took hilarious jabs at each other with jokes that parallels real life facts. The movie was worth it for this very scene alone. Of course, plenty of over-the-top gunning and explosions help justify the ticket price.
Even as an action film this movie falls quite far from greatness. Quite a few things bothered me. The gang of mercenaries that the movie centers on consists of around half a dozen men, but unfortunately only Stallone’s and Statham’s characters are actually developed. Everyone else only receives bits and pieces of exposition but no real character development to speak of, which is a bummer, because I really wanted everyone to be equally fleshed out. After the initial shootout, the movie goes into a particularly dull lull of plot development that lasts half the movie before the later half picks up with action. The CG at the final battle scene was just terrible. All the computer generated shots were blurry and looked especially artificial. Maybe the budget ran short at that point.
If you are a fan of 80’s and 90’s action films/stars then The Expendables was tailor made for you (and me for that matter). For everyone else this would probably be another behind the times action flick you will not like.

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