Andy Mckee’s Joyland – Album and Tablature Book

“I kind of had this idea of an old abandoned amusement park when I came up with this tune. I sort of had this vision of old rides that are rusted and nobody goes to this cool old theme park that used to be really great for people. Sort of as a metaphor for growing up a bit.”
Andy Mckee
on his song Joyland, initially titled Music for a Vacant Amusement Park.

As a huge fanatic of Andy Mckee, his every new album and sheet music are a must have for me. His latest release is Joyland, released a few months ago, and I have already given the CD plenty of spins on the CD player. The album also includes a DVD containing videos of him performing album songs identical to the ones on YouTube. I also have its corresponding tablature book, which was published a few weeks ago. It contains the sheet music for every song on the album. Official tablature for ten mind boggling difficult songs is a heck of deal for $16.50 CDN, considering the sheet music for a single piece at Stropes is $12 US.
I would rank Joyland as somewhere between Art of Motion and Gates of Gnomeria, slightly weaker than the former but much stronger than the latter. Thus far I like every single piece on Joyland, except Layover. Joyland continues the trend in Gates of Gnomeria, where some of his pieces on the album have accompaniment, such as his title track Joyland and Never Grow Old. And like with Gates of Gnomeria, I much prefer the solo versions, as seen and heard on YouTube.
Currently I have just memorized and am attempting to master his title piece Joyland. This is the third song I have learned that is written for the baritone acoustic guitar, the other two being Heather’s Song and Ebon Coast. I really need a baritone acoustic…

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  1. hy!! im a guitar player and im lookin for the tabs of this new album of andy mckee and i cant find it anywhere :S do you have the tabs?? please answer me cause im like a crazy looking for them :)

    i really apreciatte!! thanks!!

  2. Joyland’s tabbook can be found at Yes, I do have the tabbook and no, I will not be distributing it.

    Please support Andy Mckee by purchasing his works. He deserves all the support he can get.

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