My First Private Car Sale – Goodbye 1999 Grand Vitara

I hit upon a significant milestone last week: I made my first car sale. I do not know if a man’s first car sale is as important as a man’s first shave, but it is certainly a noteworthy event in a man’s life. I sold my third car last Wednesday, a 1999 White Grand Vitara JX/JLX. It was actually my cousin’s car, who went out of the country years ago, and the car simply sat in his garage. Eventually when my second car broke down (ignition died), it was given to me in April last year, instead of simply rusting away at the garage.
There were numerous reasons I sold the 1999 Grand Vitara. One, SUVs are just not good looking at all. Two, its larger size makes it harder to maneuver. And thirdly, I rarely fully utilize the, well, utility of the SUV. So to pay the extra insurance and gas premium of owning a SUV does not make sense to me. Hence I decided to sell the car.
How did I sell it? Through Craigslist. I posted an ad for my car on Tuesday, and within minutes I got my first call. I was very surprised that there was so much interest in my car. I told the VIN to one of the potential buyer, and he looked up the history of the car, and to my disbelief he told me it has been in a major accident. As an honest seller I added that in the ad, and lowered the price accordingly. The calls kept coming throughout the day, interrupting my work. Eventually a lady wanted to see the car that night, and we met, along with two of her friends, after my work. After a thorough inspection and couple dozen questions, we went for a test drive. She loved the car, and offered a slightly lower price than what I wanted. I held firm, citing many others who wanted to see the car the next day. She gave in. I cancelled all other appointments, and the next day we did the paper work. And there you have it, I sold a car within twenty four hours. I have not received any calls from the buyer so far, and no news is good news.
So now I am carless, and being where I am, I cannot be for long. I am actively searching and researching my next car. I would very much like to get an E46 BMW, years 1999-2005, black, sedan. I absolutely love the E46 look, and of course, it is a bimmer too, and along with it, widely praised driving experience.

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