My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute after episode 08

Don't be fooled by her smile, that is a face of evil. I've been to maid cafés in Japan...unfortunately real maids cannot compare to 2D.
I bet with her hair free and her glasses off, she's a beauty. Best end! Kyousuke would be an absolute fool not to chose her.

I actually picked up Ore No Imouto Ga Konna Ni Kawaii Wake Ga Nai, or rather My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute a few weeks ago, and I have been following it with passive interest in between other animes of this season. This is a very bothersome show because, one, Kirino is absolutely repulsive to me. Words that describe her: spoiled, bossy, bitchy, and ungrateful. She is the kind of women I do my best to avoid in real life. Sure, she may have a pretty face and decent body, but if I only wanted a woman carnally I would go visit a brothel. This brings to reason two: why would Kyousuke go to such great lengths and sacrifice for such an obnoxious person? I do not agree, nor believe, nor accept his reason that “She’s my sister/I’m her brother, and as such I must help her.” Just because they are siblings does not mean he has to become a doormat for her. There is a plausible limit in which Kyousuke may bail out Kirino, and in episode eight he has gone way past that. It would do both the Kousaka siblings well if Kyousuke would stop constantly helping Kirino. A failure or a few would teach Kirino a much needed life lesson that things cannot always go her way, and better yet, instill some humbleness to her character that she sorely lacks.
My frank opinion is that Kyousuke should move out of the house as soon as possible and move in with Manami, leaving Kirino to her own demise. Manami’s family is already more than ready and actually encourages Kyousuke to pursue Manami. Nothing in this anime would make me happier than to see in the not too distant future Kirino homeless on the streets begging or selling her body for money, while Kyousuke and Manami are happily married with children. It is a shame I know that will not happen…

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  1. I’m pretty much on your side. The attention and forgiveness Kirino gets from all people around her is just too much. She might be one of the main chars, but it’s way too exaggerated that all and everybody just blindly love her. Even her almost-fiend (forgot her name, sorry) is slowly getting to the point at which she almost starts woof-ing for Kirino. I’d rather like to see her in believable situations in which not everything is happy-go-lucky or at least not that easy to live with.

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