Kuragehime after episode 02 – First Impressions

She's not as ugly as she thinks. Her group of female otaku friends.
So this is what a moe jellyfish looks like. Sup?

I picked up Kuragehime yesterday because I was running out of anime episodes from my current selection to watch. The first two episodes has been fairly amusing. The main girl and the very shy and quiet bespectacled girl with hair blocking her face doesn’t look too bad. The rest of the girls, however, leaves much to be desired, especially the hyperactive girl obsessed with the Three Kingdoms. She is actually somewhat annoying to me. Anyways, the real hook of Kuragehime lies not in the girls themselves, but in the crossdressing boy. How will the boy’s wealthy and influential background benefit or adversely affect the girls? Will he eventually befriend them? Will they discover his true gender and/or identity? If so, will they accept or tolerate him? These are all very interesting questions that drive me to keep watching.

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