My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute after episode 12 – Final Thoughts

Where's the Windows 7 support? Hey mom, gimme a few mins and I'll be done.
If Kyousuke doesn't pursue this gem in college, I'll flip a table. Nya!

Well, this anime has been a frustrating watch. I still cannot understand why Kyousuke would accept any and every request from his sister Kirino. And Kirino’s slightly better demeanor towards him does not quite justify the huge amount of effort and sacrifice he has made for her. She really does not deserve him as a brother. I suppose some collateral benefits from helping out Kirino were Saori and Kuroneko. If Kyousuke had ignored Kirino from the beginning, he never would have met them. Frankly, the “side” characters are much more interesting and sympathetic than the Kousaka siblings. If it were not for the presence of Manami, Kuroneko, and Saori, I would have dropped this anime. The animation, although not unusual nor unique in any way, have remained consistently crisp throughout the anime.
Watch this anime not for the incomprehensible doormat, Kyousuke, nor for the obnoxious brat Kirino, but for the sweet Manami, the complex Kuroneko, and the beauty-in-disguise Saori. A better name for this show would have been “The Side Characters Can’t Be This Interesting“.

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  1. ouch but i can vertualy agree Kirino Pissed me off alot. Btw Did You see Episodes 12.5, 13 & 14?????? MOre fun with the side characters

    • Yes, I have seen the extra episodes, and they were certainly more enjoyable, if only because Kirino was largely missing from the screen.

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