Tron: Legacy

I watched Tron: Legacy last evening. I vaguely remember watching the original film as a kid, and was impressed by the visuals. I also played and loved the Tron 2.0 computer game, which again, I do not remember much of. So because of my fuzzy memories of the original film and game, I really cannot make meaningful comparisons between the works. What I can say is Tron: Legacy has massive amounts of eye-candy, even though I did not see it in 3D. Tron‘s signature style of bright lights in geometric designs never gets old. Unfortunately though, style is the only strength this film has. Tron: Legacy is filled with cliché one-liners, and the plot and characters were as transparent as water, and even worse, not at all engaging. Half way through the film I was wondering when will this movie get interesting. It doesn’t. Tron: Legacy will certainly satisfy your eyes and ears, but not the 1.3-1.4 kilogram organ in between. If you are a fan of Tron‘s visualization of the digital universe, by all means, see it on the big screen. If not, well, there is really nothing else to recommend in this film.

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