Fractale after episode 04

Creating food, the old fashioned way. Gaining knowledge, the old fashioned way.
Damn, that's a lot of details just from analyzing shit. I bet he's never had a bowl of soup before.

Underneath Fractale‘s lighthearted bantering and colorful presentation belies a more serious social commentary. In Fractale there is an advanced and controlled society that enjoys guaranteed satisfaction of basic necessities and mental stability, but at the cost of free will, and consequently a stifling of the human spirit, creativity, and individualism. The Lost Millennium are people who disagree with such way of life, and prefer to keep their minds free, and are willing to labour to earn their own living. It treads upon very similar themes explored in classic novels such as 1984 and Brave New World, and like the novels, it is very difficult to paint black and white, or right and wrong to the sides. While many may disagree with Lost Millennium’s, and/or the Fractale Church’s violent attacks, is one way of life better than the other? I wonder if this show will try to answer that question, or it may wisely avoid it, and instead echo the classic novels: to serve as a warning of a future that may become.

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