Level E after episode 08

Once upon a time there was a little prince. He was the prince of trolls... A gaming planet? Beam me up!
The prin...cess? He's into crossdressing S&M. Somehow that's not a big surprise.

Well, I was not too fond of the previous color ranger arc. A rather cheesy “end” to that story, even though the kids were transported away to that planet again… Anyways, except for episode four, Level E still has been consistently amusing so far. I have to wonder though, what is going on with the initial main leads, the baseball prospective Yukitaka and girl next door Miho? They were essentially the first humans that interacted with the Prince, and as such, there should be a bit more exposition on and involvement of their characters. They have not been seen at all since the very first introductory episodes, and this current arc involving the Macbac princess still seems devoid of those two. Hmm, perhaps they will receive more spotlight in future story lines.
Level E is easily my favorite show of this aging winter season of anime, above Gosick and the somewhat disappointing Fractale.

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