Crysis 2 – First Impressions

Who...are you? Lady Liberty under siege.
At higher difficulties, expect to do this a lot. Cool new infr...I mean, nanovision.
Holy shi- Now your suit is upgradable.

I have a bit of a history with the Crysis franchise. After all, I built my current computer back in 2006 to play the next generation of DirectX 10 games, which included the original Crysis. The original Crysis was not all what I wanted, but it certainly justified the purchase of a two grand gaming machine. The eye candy was undeniable at the time.
Currently, the PC gaming realm is in the age of DirectX 11. After my recent car purchase, I don’t exactly have the money to build a new computer, but I certainly had my eyes on this coming sequel. One of my closest buddy disclosed to me a source to obtain this game on the cheap. A $25 (USD) transaction later, I have myself a legitimate CD Key for Crysis 2.
I am a few hours into the singleplayer campaign. I am running this game on “High” settings in 1600×1200 resolution, and I am averaging roughly 30FPS using FRAPS. There are two even higher settings: “Very High” and “Extreme”, which are beyond the capabilities of my aging computer. It is certainly a beautiful game, but the impression is no where near the level of when the original Crysis came out. Crysis 1 was mind-blowing in its graphical splendor at its release, Crysis 2…I cannot quite say the same. Then again, I am merely running the game on “high” and not on “extreme”.
Once again I am playing in hard difficulty, and when compared to the original, the sequel is slightly harder. Mainly because in the original Crysis the nanosuit’s default mode was armor, and it did not drain energy at the time, and hence could be always on. Now, there is no default mode, and armor mode drains energy much like stealth mode, with drain speed proportional to movement speed. So one cannot keep armor mode on perpetually, and without armor mode, taking fire leads to a quick death. I am approaching the game in much the same way as I did before in Crysis 1: stealthing right up to an enemy, switching to armor mode and shooting them in the face, or a stealth kill if possible. As much as I like to run-n-gun Serious Sam style, without perpetual armor mode, and with enemies being extremely accurate and damaging at higher difficulties, it is simply impossible to survive more than five seconds when a dozen rifles are trained on you. It almost feels like the game is shoehorning you into using stealth, at least, at hard difficulties.

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