Deadman Wonderland after episode 01 – First Impressions

I'd let her strip search me anytime, giggity. Welcome to Deadman Wonderland, where convicts die for your entertainment. Sweet.
I bet he likes it. Ahh, don't touch me there! That place is too sensitive.

Nothing like killing off the main protagonist’s friends and entire class to start off the anime. I am impressed by the first episode; it was hardcore, intense, and already filled with mysteries. Animation is also of high quality and fluidity. Of the anime I have seen of this Spring season, Deadman Wonderland has the best showing yet.
A bit of a tangent here. I have always had the idea of using criminals to create some kind of entertainment for the public, and to see the idea come about in Deadman Wonderland heightens my interest in the show that much more. Criminals with lighter sentences certainly should not participate in this kind of program, but for most malevolent individuals, people who have (near) life sentences and death sentences, this is an appealing idea. Think about it, criminals with life sentences often with nothing to lose are receiving food and shelter for the rest of their lives, with us, the taxpayers, footing the bill. Why should we have to pay for their living? I’d say, entertain us, make them earning their living, such as the method Deadman Wonderland has presented us. Unfortunately I would imagine a real life proposition of this would spark much moral/human rights opposition. Anyways, that is another academic topic for another day.

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