Portal 2 – After Single Player Campaign

Aperture Science revisited...with jungle growth. The gun that makes this game possible.
That's a lot of switches... HAHA! Turrets, you think I don't have a weapon? Think again.
These turrets are actually built within 10 seconds. When will devs understand that putting 'keep out' and 'do not enter' signs only encourages the player to proceed even more.
Vintage Aperture Science. Guess who that is...
Let's paint the level...white. Wheatley, what have you done!!!
Cool gel physics. Aperture Laboratories is a much bigger place than I imagined.
Yes, you'll actually get to at the moon. The end...?

Any self-respecting video gamer would know that Portal 2, the sequel to the seminal original game Portal, was released on Steam last night. And I, being an avid fan of Portal, powered through the game in two sittings. A 4 hour marathon from the very release last night and then a quick sleep. And another 2.9 hours after awakening to the game’s single player completion. 6.9 hours was my total single player game time. Mind you, I tried my very best solving the puzzles. My mind was working at a hundred percent capacity at all times, and I would imagine for those who take it easy and smell the portals, so to speak, the single player length would be around eight to ten hours. This is more than double the length of the original game.
Portal 2 recreates the masterpiece that was Portal. Everything that made Portal great is back in faithful presence in Portal 2: the tongue-in-cheek humor, the immersive world, the memorable characters, the top notch voiceacting, the awesome music, and most importantly, the puzzles that are so satisfying to solve. One slight bit of disappointment is that while Portal 2 introduces more puzzles elements in addition to the original, such as hard-light bridges, gels of different characteristics, and beam carriers, I think the hardest levels of the original game still surpassed those of the sequel. Portal 2 is longer simply because, well, there are way more puzzles to solve. I definitely felt the extra elements were not yet fully realized in their maximum potential to create the most difficult puzzles possible, at least in single player. Perhaps much harder levels await me in cooperative mode.
And so, more science awaits. Aperture Science. And oh, GLaDOS is love.

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