C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control after episode 06

Mmm money, nom nom nom. What an ugly look asset. Doesn't look all that powerful neither.
Mmm Rame, nom nom nom. Now that looks powerful and scary.

The anime has been alright up to episode five. Fortunately the actual battles are relegated to mostly a sideshow event, not the main attraction of the anime. But episode six was a jarring watch. It felt like the plot was on fast foward; the pacing suddenly quickened, dialogues rushed, and even a cop-out battle near the end. The whole episode builds up a deal between the main character and Sennoza, and just when it seems Yoga and his asset are facing an imminent loss, BAM! We’re back in reality and Yoga is the victor. Huh? As much as I dislike the battle announcements, I would have at least liked to see the blow that defeated Sennoza. Cannot believe the production team does not have ten seconds of time and budget to spare to animate the winning attack from Yoga.
Also, another thing that bothers me. Yoga says he neither likes to lose nor win deals, then why doesn’t he accept Sennoza’s offer? Letting Sennoza pay the deposit to pass the deal would have been a favorable situation for both of them. No deal, no win, no loss, no change in reality. What is going on in Yoga’s mind?

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