Deadman Wonderland after episode 12 – Final Thoughts

from cute innocent girl to... Crazy bitch.
That doesn't look like fun. I'm so emo.

Huh, is that all? The final episode of Deadman Wonderland didn’t really feel final at all. What really is Shiro? What of Ganta’s revenge? How will he clear his name? Tons of major questions and strings are left open. This anime definitely needed more than one season to complete itself. Anyways, at the very beginning I saw much potential in Deadman Wonderland’s settings and plot, and there still is, but unfortunately the writing took a turn for the cheesy, and twelve episodes just wasn’t enough to fully realize the story. Ganta grew increasingly wearisome to watch as he turned increasingly emo. And the director guy, he is still alive, so I consider that unresolved.
Perhaps a second season, if it will exist, will patch up Deadman Wonderland. Otherwise it will stand as an incomplete piece of anime.

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  1. watch the manga dude =-= from chapter 22

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