Kamisama no Memochou after episode 10

Laundering money sure is hard work... I knew the ramen cook has a smoking hot bod.
Never let a chick get in between two brothers. It's just bad news waiting to happen. I don't think she even has the strength to swing the bat.

If you haven’t seen the tenth episode of Kamisama no Memochou to its very end, then I suggest you stop reading here, unless you do not mind being spoiled. So, I just have to unload a piece of my mind on Ayaka’s attempted suicide. In line with this shows tendency in things being not really what it seems, I do not believe Ayaka died. First of all, she jumped from the rooftop of a four stories building, which is not that high. Sure, injury is almost certain, and granted there is the possibility of death. But possibility of death also means possibility of life. If she jumped from the top of a skyscraper with a confirmed landing on a hard surface, then I would have no doubts on her survival. Secondly, she landed on a bed of flowers, or rather more specifically, soil. Soil is a softer material than concrete I’d say, and would increase her chances of survival.
The obvious question is, why? Hints were dropped, especially heavily in episode ten, and I would venture to guess it has something to do with depression arising from a combination of loneliness, helplessness, uselessness, and being ignored. I have noticed the anime has depicted her that way throughout the show. Despite her being the catalyst in Narumi meeting the NEET group, Akaya is much like a background character. Sure, she’s always there, but never really making a big impact in any of the stories.
Since I’m talking about Akaya, I might as well talk about the show itself so far. I quite like the fact that there is character development in every episode of the show. However, the plot resolutions are a little melodramatic and cheesy. The animation quality remains consistent and top notch. Kamisama no Memochou is still one of the best animes I’m watching of this summer season.

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