I saw a good movie over the weekend with my best friends. The movie was Contagion, and for those who haven’t heard or seen of it, you can probably infer from its title that it has something to do with contagious stuff, like virii, bacteria and whatnot. And you’d be right. It’s about a new virus, not unlike the H1N1 pandemic two years ago, that infects a few key people and eventually spreads to the entire world. It is a down-to-earth and realistic approach on a fictional yet deadly virus epidemic.
Warning, some minor spoilers follows. I quite liked the separate groups of characters and their own plotlines that this movie explores. The effect and consequences of the virus outbreak on people such as your average American Joe with a family who loses his son and cheating wife, and desperate to protect his daughter, to a Chinese man who just want to save his village from extinction, to a popular blogger that can gain from the outbreak, to researchers working on the virus itself, to the collapse of social order in major cities. All these people have understandable and believable motives, and perhaps the greatest strength in the movie lies in the fact that there really isn’t an antagonist in Contagion. Even the virus itself is presented in a very matter-of-fact way.
The few things that bothered me were some loose ends that this movie didn’t tie up or forgot about. What really happens to the brains of those killed by the virus? This question was posed in a specific scene by the movie, but never answered. And what about the village?
Whoever conceived of this film must’ve asked “Hey, what if the H1N1 infection was deadlier, and more infectious?”. If you’re interested in such a question, Contagion would be a realistic answer. No zombies running amok in this movie.

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