Hunter x Hunter (2011) after episode 06 – First Impressions

Gon, master of angling. For Hisoka, you are his magic trick. Poof!
Dey see me strollin'... Man these pigs look so plump and juicy. I need to buy some pork to roast.

Ahh, seeing Gon, Leorio, Kurapika, and Killua together again brings a warm and nostalgic feeling to me, which really attests to how robust this quartet of characters was in the original anime series. After watching the remake’s first six episodes, while I don’t dislike the remake, I do have some concerns. I cannot shake the impression that this year’s Hunter x Hunter feels less mature and dumbed down. Then again, I have not seen the original anime for many years, nor have I ever read the manga, so I cannot be sure. Also, the animation just doesn’t have enough, well, animation. There are a lot of still action shots, and details are less than intricate. So far, I’m somewhat disappointed in this remake’s production value and writing.

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