SKET Dance after episode 33

Yeah, grind that chainsaw into that guitar. That's how you make beautiful music... Um...where are their legs and feet?
A little sexiness every now and then to appeal and retain the (male) viewers. Back in my day computers were made of wood...

I have been negligent of watching anime for the past few weeks, because of two little video games called Battlefield 3 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that were recently released. Maybe you have heard of or even played such trivial creations. Sarcasm aside, I am sure there are video gamers that exist who has verily never heard of Battlefield 3 nor Skyrim. Perhaps it is those who does not follow or care at all of western games.
Anyways, I have still been watching SKET Dance, in addition to this season’s anime. SKET Dance is a show that I took a mild liking in the beginning, and by now have grown fonder and familiar to me. It is not a great show by any measure, but it has been entertaining…mostly. There were some extremely inane anecdotes such as episode sixteen, with Bossun’s haircut and principle’s bust debacles. And high points such as episodes twenty four and five, which accomplished two things: answered my request and gave background and dimension to Switch’s gimmick and behavior, and it was a change of pace from slapstick humor that actually told a fairly coherent and dramatic story. To a lesser extent, episode thirty-three did the same thing.
I don’t think I have anything more to ask from SKET Dance. I will follow it to its very end with all its ups and downs.

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