UN GO after episode 11 – Final Thoughts

I await the day realistic female androids become reality. Tank with a heart of gold. Ho ho ho...
Incredibly cute for some reason. Inga's true form?  What the heck is she anyways?

I very much liked UN GO. Every episode was aptly paced, and the case studies were complex enough to obfuscate my senses, but yet not enough to break plausibility. UN GO managed to trod that fine line between obviousness and absurdity. I am, however, a little disappointed in the animation, especially in the last episodes, where it was clear that budget was a concern. The show does not quite fully answer the questions I would have liked to hear. We can try to read between the lines, whatever happened in the war, it probably did not go very well for Japan, as a significant portion of the city’s buildings are left in rubble. One thematic consequence of the war that can be clearly seen was information control, in order to keep the public’s probably already low morale (perhaps due to the poor outcome of the war) under control. UN GO once again prompts the age old question: should the truth always be revealed? One thing that still bothers me though is, why does someone, or rather, something like Inga and Bettenou exist? They are supernatural beings in a mostly logical world, sticking out like Lamborghinis in a Toyota dealership. Anyways, eleven episodes of UN GO felt a little short, and its setting is still ripe for exploration. Here’s to hoping for a second season.

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