Another after episode 01 – First Impressions

I absolutely loved the first episode. Another is my type of show, and pushes all the right buttons. The atmosphere is as gloomy as I envisioned, and it is so thick and relentless I wonder how the characters in the show even breathe. Silence in the horror or mystery genre such as this speaks volumes, and often tells more than overt music or explications. And where there is music in Another, it is never overbearing, deftly fitting and timed to happenstances. The animation is equally impressive, with painting-like quality in backgrounds, and polished character models. It also helps that all the females in Another are very pretty.
The peaceful looking town of Yomiyama belies the fact that it is enshrouded by secrets and mysteries, events so unsettling that the whole town, or at least quite an amount of townsfolk are intent on keeping them hidden. Kouichi is essentially an outsider, and he possesses the naivety and inquisitiveness to unravel the town’s secrets. I keenly look forward to how Kouichi start to form questions and searches for the answers that we as viewers are all looking for.

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