Katawa Shoujo – After Lilly’s Route

           Warning, spoilers follow.
           Lilly Satou…well, let’s first talk about my impression of her. She is an exceedingly attractive lady. Judging from the various character art of her, and Hisao’s own words, I dare say in terms of physical beauty, she outshines the rest. She is also well bred, caring, sensitive (in all her corporeal and incorporeal instruments), with a capable mind on her shoulders. Her blindness is almost charming. As Lilly’s own older sister Akira intimated, very fortunate is he who would win her heart. Cue Hisao.
           As for their tale, it plays out much like a traditional romance. There is lots of dating, lots of holding hands, lots of hugging, lots of kissing, and lots of sex, or more accurately, love making. Lovey dovey stuff galore. The crucial point here, I felt, was that the love they have for each other is very genuine and equal in magnitude. Often times the feelings between a pair are not nearly as balanced, nor as pure, as Lilly’s and Hisao’s are. Because of this, this couple appears extremely natural, as if they truly belonged together. Hisao’s condition actually plays a more significant role in Lilly’s romance than it did for Shizune’s and Rin’s, and along with Lilly’s less than ideal family situation, these two circumstances add dimension and uncertainly to an otherwise conventional love story, and further strengthens the stalwart bond they already have. Though I have to say, I saw the final development coming a light year away. Could the writing be any more obvious at that stage?
           I want to make a comment regarding Hisao’s thoughts on Lilly’s summons. Near the very end Hisao explains that he doesn’t want Lilly to leave because he doesn’t want her to lose everything as he did when he had his first heart attack. And he also says due to the onset his arrhythmia, he was given a new beginning, a new future with Lilly that has brought him much happiness and change for the better. Well then Hisao, if Lilly departs, might she also have a fresh start? A different future that may contain better fortune for her as it did for you? I believe what Hisao asked of Lilly was very selfish. But I guess since both are struck by the same arrow of Cupid’s, they deserves to be.
           I do not care much for saccharine traditional romances such as this, as it only serves to cruelly remind me of what I never had, and never will. And although I am fully aware these two do not exist beyond letters and pigments, I still feel a tinge of envy and depression within me every time I am reminded of their story. They were the only emotions I had as I digested the route. I can see for those with healthier hearts and souls, this can be an uplifting and heartwarming experience. For me, though, it is quite the opposite. Sigh…I need a drink.

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  1. how did you start her route? :) Im really confused I always end up opening emi, rin and shizune’s route.

    • To aim for Lilly’s route is to aim for Hanako’s, as to start either girl’s story you make the same decisions almost all of Act 1. If I remember correctly, you ask about the library from the student council, you apologize to Hanako for startling her when you first meet her, you say Hanako is cute to Kenji, you talk to Hanako, you take Lilly’s side during her conflict with Shizune, you reveal your heart condition to both Lilly and Rin. Avoid the student council as much as possible, and do not promise the nurse you would exercise. Eventually you should reach a scene near the end of Act 1 called “Sip (part 2)” and there will be a diverging choice between visiting the library, which will propel you permanently onto Hanako’s path, or visiting the town, initiating your romance with Lilly.

      There is a big flowchart of the game made at Katawa Shoujo’s forums that may be useful to you.

  2. I actually fell in love with Lilly during my play through on Hanako’s story. I agree with the sentiment in your last paragraph, except I also felt anger when Lilly revealed her decision was made some time ago. I think I was too drawn up into the story because it was as though she abandoned me, rather than Nakai Hisao. Envy and depression, indeed.

    • I also like Hanako’s development in Lilly’s story more.

  3. I agree that the message at the end of this story gets confused, which you point out when Hisao tells Lilly to stay, despite her having given him a chance at a fresh start. The writing could have been handled with a little bit better precision. But I believe there is room for debate here;

    First off, Hisao’s fresh start wasn’t really a choice. He could die if he doesn’t submit to the course laid out for him. Lilly’s is a choice. With that said;

    Lilly’s fresh start is an emotional one, not one of place. I believe the true fresh start happens if Lilly stays. She has done nothing but keep people at bay, afraid to trust in them, afraid to let them see past her wall. Convinced she has to be strong at all times, in part to overcome her blindness, in part because she’s been on her own for so long. By moving to Scotland, she keeps the wall intact, by moving away from the people who have gotten too close to her, and staying near the one person she has continued to trust (Akira)

    This is the insight that sends Hisao dashing madly into the night. Yes, he has selfish reasons too, but he also realizes Lilly never explicitly said she wanted to go to Scotland. Because she is not used to following what she actually wants. His intentions are also good: if she stays, she can learn to truly let people into her life, the only path to personal fulfillment. She has built all her aspirations in the world surrounding Yamaku. To throw them away from fear would be an injustice to herself

    Just my take. This story unexpectedly affected me quite a bit. In ways both happy and sad…

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