Another after episode 12 – Final Thoughts

          Spoilers ahead.
          Well, I have been thoroughly entertained by the last few climatic episodes in the inn. I honestly thought the extra was one of the classmates. I never made the connection that Sasakibara’s aunt and the assistant homeroom teacher was one and the same. That, and the fact that she was murdered. Oh well.
          So, the “calamity” is over…for the year. A few lingering questions still remains. The class figures out a way to stop the curse once it has started, however, that is only treating the symptom. How can the phenomenon be stopped, once and for all? Is there even a permanent solution? And how exactly does the phenomenon occur? It sounds like every year, suddenly at a specific moment in time, the very fabric of reality in Yomiyama is altered. A person already deceased spontaneously appears, and everyone’s memory changes to reflect its existence. Or am I missing something?
          Another is certainly my favorite anime of last season. It has been thoroughly gripping in is suspense, horror, tension, and in the last few episodes, carnage. Although, I must say, some of the deaths stretches the limits of my suspension of disbelief. If one regards the story as having a supernatural influence, the happenstances are a little easier to swallow. I certainly would welcome another season of Another. Although the core mystery formula has been revealed and would remain the same, it would still be interesting to see how a class of a different year with a new roster of characters deal with the calamity.

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