Mass Effect 3 – Final Thoughts

          Spoilers ahead.
          I finished Mass Effect 3 two days ago. Neither my fleet nor my battle readiness was maxed out. I chose to destroy the synthetics. I have to say, the ending left more questions than answers. So I watched the other finale cinematics on YouTube, hoping to find more information in the other choices. Unfortunately the other endings were just as similar. While I am not furious like some fans of the game are, I am a bit underwhelmed at how the trilogy ended.
          Aside from the lack of a firm conclusion and resolution, the game was missing that definitive boss fight that is so signature of a game’s end, especially in a series such as Mass Effect. The whole London mission was a rough grind that gradually became more difficult, and it only served to build up expectation of a much bigger fight to come. And when that climatic fight never came, I was disappointed. Kai Leng was at most a mini-boss, and he was a pushover for my character. Plus, he was only a servant to a side-antagonist, and could not be considered as a final boss in terms of plot. Both the first and second series had a final boss fight, why didn’t the third? Heck, near the end there was even a reaper (which apparently was Harbinger, and could have made it all the more epic) that came to actively deny Shepard and company access to the Citadel. Make Shepard fight that. It certainly would have been more entertaining that pressing the forward button until you reach the bright blue beam…
          Anyways, ending side, Mass Effect 3 was still a very fun ride. Although the writing and level design felt weaker than the previous titles, the gameplay was up to par. I am tempted to start a new Shepard from the very beginning, meeting all my beloved characters like Liara and Garrus once again. Maybe this time, I’ll be a goody-two shoes.

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  1. I agree. The ending was a bit underwhelming but I cant help but feel that the indoctrination theory has some legs. It should be interesting to see what the first DLC looks like. Feel free to check out my review at

    • I just saw the video on the indoctrination theory. Very interesting, subtle, and most of all, plausible. Or it could be just a bunch of coincidences. If it is true, then Bioware has some gifted writers. I want to believe, but somehow I doubt that…

  2. Resources were maxed. No voice for Harbinger, and no boss fight against him and/or the Illusive Man.

    Yet, he/she/it/they/whatever is the main villain of part 2, speaks several lines of dialogue in the multiplayer commercial online for part 3, but yet STILL no dialogue at all for Harbinger in the game????

    I must agree, dude. I work in the industry, and the people I work for and WITH, would NEVER let our fans down so pathetically. Weak.

    However, any “theories” on indoctrination are wasteful, as its very CLEAR that Shepard IS indoctrinated –at least he is at the end by the Illusive Man when you’re forced to kill Anderson. That is FACT, not theory.

    **IMPORTANT**The best I was able to manage (play the end again and choose carefully) during his indoctrination scene and you’ll see it too), your paragon and renegade choices are SWITCHED BACKWARDS. If you DO NOT choose ANY colored charm choices, then you will get a renegade interrupt that allows Shepard to shoot the ILL Man and kill him.

    That’s the best I was able to get, after attempting to find my golden boss battle against Harby. That…didn’t happen.


    Other popular series, such as Resident Evil and Ninja Gaiden, have owned up to their mistakes and brought out their completed versions of the games (more story, more challenges)

    The major flaw with the entire plot of the game is going with the Citadel for the finale…again.

    Why in the name of ANYTHING would Shepard, his crew, or the council EVER trust that the Citadel is safe, now that the Reapers are revealed in part 3 as being real???

    THEN they had the balls to release Citadel DLC, and not take that opportunity to make a good ending based on the logical progression of the story’s narrative?

    Seriously, WTF

    How do the writers even collect a paycheck? And HOW did they get REHIRED to CONTINUE to make ANY more videogames OR tie in comics without first fixing this????

    I happily bought all dlc for 1 and 2, and played and replayed them several times. Sadly, I and MANY of my angry friends will NOT be buying another Mass Effect game until they fix that major problem.

    Oh and one more thing, who can I PAY to hack my home console so I can make that boss fight a reality??? I’m itchin’ to use the entire galaxy to put Harbinger down like the bitch he is


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