Tsuritama after episode 01 – First Impressions

          The first episode of Tsuritama was bristling with brightness, silliness, and that feel good warm sensation that is almost reminiscent of the Aria anime series. I very much like the animation style. Everything looks like its vectored, because there are no gradients. Colors are solid, resplendent, and seemingly a shade too light. Every frame could almost pass as a piece of art if printed and framed. Backgrounds are picturesque, and the anime is easy on the eyes.
          So, there is a boy with severe social anxiety, another who claims to be an alien and is audacious to a point where he doesn’t give two pence of what anyone thinks of him, a seemingly callous boy who is the prince of fishing, and Men in Black…with turbans. Clearly, Tsuritama doesn’t take itself too seriously, and will likely be the main comedic portion of my anime diet of this season.

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