Jormungand after episode 05

           After five episodes of Jormungand, so far so good. Last episode was a rather sympathetic exposition on Jonah’s background, shedding much light on his character and motivations. Still though, this anime stretched my suspension of disbelief a little two far in some scenes. Particularly in episode three where Jonah rushed with guns blazing at the Orchestra, who was returning fire no farther than twenty meters away, and all the bullets miraculously missed Jonah. When just a few scenes later the bad guy takes a few shots with deadly accuracy against cops on the roof much farther away. Blatant plot armor much? Or in the latest episode Jonah singlehandedly kills every single solder in an entire base.
           Another thing that bothers me is how this anime draws female faces. They all have such big pointy chins, and I keep thinking…Jay Leno.
           We are all expecting someone in the main cast to die. Whether that means Koko, Jonah, or someone on Koko’s team, I do not know. I can only see a tragic, or bittersweet end to this story. Can you imagine otherwise? A female and her company sell guns all over the world, and then they lived happily ever after. Right.

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