Diablo 3 – After 69 Hours

           Well, I have spent sixty nine hours spread across a level fifty two wizard, a level thirty demon hunter, and a level two witch doctor, and I’m still having fun. However, I still hesitate to give a final review of Diablo 3 at this point, as I have not reached maximum level nor difficulty yet. So, in lieu of a coherent essay, here are some random tidbits of my experience so far:
– My wizard has died around five times. A lot of close calls (hit points less than 20%). My other characters have not yet seen the afterlife.
– I have not personally seen a legendary item drop for me. My friends have found some.
– Wow, those poison pods dropped by moving trees and tiny wasps shot by big wasps deal a ton of damage…
– My favorite spell is still Wave of Force. It clears a room pretty quick. Although I have swapped it out recently for hydra because I find myself kiting more and more often.
– Maximum number killed at once and maximum massacre number: fourty-nine. Did I say I love Wave of Force?
– Spent five hours of an afternoon finding all the ingredients to gain access to Whimsyhire.
– Have not yet bought an item off of the auction house, but have sold a few.
– Act bosses are teddy bears compared to champions and elites with particularly evil affixes. Hate those jailer, extra fast, and vortex monsters.

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