2012 Summer Season of Anime

The weather has turned consistently warm and sunny, and we are almost halfway through the year. The summer solstice will lie on the 20th of this month for this year, initiating the official start of summer. After reading their synopses and visiting their websites, these are the summer anime titles I will first try:

Arve Rezzle – That title just sounds so baller. It also has a somewhat interesting futuristic setting.

Jinrui wa Suitai – Like Tsuritama, the show looks like it was painted in soothing pastel colors. If the preview is any indication, this will be a more low-key, slice of life like show.

Moyashimon Returns – I couldn’t possibly pass this sequel up. The talking mascot micro-organisms are just adorable. The original show was also educational without being pedantic, and had a cast of quirky characters. All in all, Moyashimon ranks among my favorite animes of all time.

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