Moonrise Kingdom

           Yesterday evening I watched with a good friend a curious film named Moonrise Kingdom. My friend wanted to see it, and I replied, “sure, why not.” The movie charters two preteen children unhappy of their lives and homes, and they try to run away from their respective situations to support their blooming romantic relationship. This film has a rather whimsical nature about it. The humor is spontaneously natural. The writing and direction feels almost tongue-in-cheek. The big name actors, Bill Murray, Bruce Willis, Ed Norton, are all quite at home with their roles. The only weak point in the acting were the two children, specifically the boy who play Sam. His lines were sometimes forced out of his mouth.
           What I liked about the movie is that all the supporting characters have equal or greater depth than the two young protagonists themselves. The policeman, the scout master, the attorney parents of the girl, are all flawed, and are aware of that. There is an interesting contrast between the naughty children and the adults, who are no better, and if not more deplorable then the children.
           Ultimately this was a rather love affirming movie. A case study of two similar souls attracting and meeting at a young age. Although watching Moonrise Kingdom with a friend is alright, I feel this is a movie better seen with a significant other.

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