Tsuritama after episode 12 – Final Thoughts

           Despite the impending doom of global mass control, Tsuritama was still every bit as heart-warming and lighthearted as I thought it would be. One of the better anime of the spring season, Tsuritama excelled in its characters. All four protagonist were likable, and mired with personal challenges. Yuki has severe panic attacks in social situations. Akira found himself prioritizing his new found friendships over his job. Natsuki was unable to let go of his late mother while another woman is already trying to replace that spot. And Haru has to learn the etiquette of the human race. Speaking of Haru, his literally otherworldly naivety bestows him of an extreme adorable charm. That scene where he stuck band aids on his chest try to cure a heartache made me want to hug him so much. I will miss Haru. But it was more than just the characters themselves. The friendship they forged was as gradual and genuine as the pastime they shared. To see these characters change for the better as they strengthen their bonds was certainly the highlight of Tsuritama.

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