Ted (movie)

           Last evening I watched Ted. Now here’s a movie you watch with your best buddy. Ted, being written by Seth Macfarlane, the creator behind Family Guy and American Dad, is as politically incorrect, raunchy, and hilarious as the cartoons. It is just my type of humour. Mark Walberg and Milas Kunis as John and Lori respectively, acts fairly well in Ted, and makes for a believable every day couple. And Ted’s a talking teddy bear who parties and behaves like a frat house bachelor, because well, he is a bachelor. John has a hard time choosing one over the other, so all three are together, and there lies the crux of the plot.
           Ted intertwines two age old themes: The bro code “Bro’s before hoes.” and “When do you grow up?”. Ted being the rambunctious character he is, and the very fact that he’s a teddy bear, John adhering to the bro code to hang out with Ted becomes a clear sign of John’s immaturity. But it’s also more than that: Ted is John’s best friend since childhood, and Lori is the love of his life. John’s dilemma is very genuine and relatable, and to chose one over the other is symbolic of being an adult or being a kid at heart. There’s also a social remark in Ted on parents who never give what their children wants in the form of two awkward father and son characters.
           Again, as it happens oh so commonly in Hollywood movies, Ted ends in an overly positive and idealistic way. Ted still remains in both John’s and Milas’ lives. I didn’t really believe the root problem was solved. I would have preferred a more realistic ending, where John moves on with his life with Lori, finally embracing adulthood without Ted. After all, we all have to grow up some day. Right?

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