Shin Sekai Yori after episode 08

           In Shin Sekai Yori we can plainly see that knowledge can corrupt. These kids’ behaviors and thought processes are forever tainted as long as they know what they’re not suppose to know. And I like this anime for its emphasis on this point, and the tense atmosphere that results from the feeling that at any moment, in any time in the anime, crap could hit the fan. And the pressure keeps building.
           However, I was kind of frustrated in watching the previous rat-men arc for two reasons. There some terrible animation with extremely crude character drawings, choppy movement, bad angles, shots of a blurry background while action is going on. The particular eyesore being episode five. It just reeks of laziness or lack of budget. The second reason is how these kids, particularly Satoru, were so willing to battle hordes of rat-men. Telekinesis or not, these kids should’ve just ran straight for home. It just doesn’t make sense to me, and the rat-men arc felt like a distracting filler. They’ve already been exposed to forbidden knowledge. And had they went home without encountering the rat-men, the impact would’ve been still the same.

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