Argo (2012 film)

           I saw Argo the other night with one of my best buddies. I was among those not aware and did not research the real life counterpart that the movie was based on, and hence the movie was particularly tense for me, as it allowed me to wonder at the possibilities. Although, based on Hollywood stereotypes, I was able to expect the ending.
           Argo is a stellar example of how a thriller should pace and build its suspense. The movie right away grips you with tension, and never lets go. There are moments where the tenseness crests and slightly drops, but the overall trend is that the suspense constantly increases, until it peaks at the final sequence of events where the movie literally had me gripping the arm rests, despite having predicted how it should end. It was a roller coaster ride of suspense, and that is Argo‘s strongest aspect. The movie also managed to slip a few well timed and placed jokes in such a constantly serious atmosphere, which is much appreciated.
           Argo focused mostly on America’s CIA’s perspective in the operation, and doing the research on the topic after the fact, I felt the movie was a little lacking in Canadian spotlight. However, the essentials of cooperation was there, and it showcased how friendly and accommodating the Canadians were. After all, that’s what we’re known for eh?
           As I walked out of the theatre I was struck with a sense of awe, as the realization that this was based on an actual event sunk in. Sure, there may be embellishments and alterations, but such a long-shot of an operation actually occurred with success. And that was the cherry on top to the Argo film experience.

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