Jormungand after episode 24 – Final Thoughts

           So thus Jormungand the anime ends. Well, there could be much more to the story as it certainly stopped at a sort of a cliffhanger, but this is where the anime leaves us. Despite the fact that it didn’t live up to my expectations of being an anime version of Lord of War, there is a lot that I liked about this anime series. I liked how each of Koko’s companions were fleshed out with their own stories with quirks that made them distinctive characters. I liked the episodic stories with moderately complex plots and feints between Koko and her adversaries. And of course, I liked the guns and explosions. However, I just find it very hard to believe that Koko and company manage to combat or escape successfully some of the most elite soldiers of the world, time after time again. Yes, Koko is bright and well prepared, but I still found my suspension of disbelief stretched rather thin when watching her company fight. Jonah especially wears some heavy plot armor. How can a bad guy with a machine gun mere meters away from Jonah miss all his shots against Jonah?
           I also don’t believe for a second that Koko’s Jormungand system will bring about peace to the world. Sure, all electronic commmunications and flight may be disabled, but war will continue one way or another at a more primitive level. War at its very core is conflict; conflict between humans. As long as there are at least two humans who cannot agree with each other, conflict and hence war, could and will happen, whether it is with billion-dollar jets or stick and stones. Unless somehow Koko can bring an end to all conflicts in humanity now and forever, or instill pacifism in all humankind, which is highly unlikely, then war remains a possibility.
           Speaking of possibilities, Koko’s tale have long yet to finish. I wouldn’t mind also seeing the anime follow Kasper’s adventures instead. I would welcome another season of Jormungand with open eyes.

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