Psycho-Pass after episode 14

           After fourteen episodes of Psycho-Pass, I can firmly say I am greatly enjoying this anime. It is everything I had hoped for in my first impressions, and presents a lot of philosophically interesting things and themes to ponder about.
           As much as Makishima is the antagonist of the show, he is not painted completely black. His methods may be disagreeable, but he makes a very good point. And honestly, the future of Psycho-Pass as depicted so, frankly scares me. I cannot imagine completely, and literally, handing my life over to a computer to control and direct, however wise and knowledgeable it may be. A computer’s decision may be orders of magnitude more “accurate” than human judgment, but it is still not perfect, and may never be. And that’s OK, it doesn’t need to be, as long as there are alternative ways without the need of such a computer. But because all actions depend only on a computer generated number, it necessitates that the system be perceived perfect. I find it very hard to believe that the future of Psycho-Pass did not instate some fail-safe methods, just in the very unlikely case that Sybil is “wrong”, or malfunctions, or there’s a bug. To depend all judgment and decision into one single number is just asking for trouble. The idea of Psycho-Pass no doubt has much desired benefits, but I would have added secondary measures in addition to Sybil and the Psycho-Pass factor. Every law-enforcement agent or soldier would also carry a conventional projectile weapon (a good old fashioned six-shooter, for example) as a backup weapon to their dominators. There would still be armed (with said six-shooter) cops patrolling the streets and cruising the roads in addition to drones, and security guards as well. Sybil’s assessments would be highly suggested, not absolute. The point is, a human can override a computer’s decision at any situation and at any time, and able to accomplish the same task using a non-computerized method.
           Moving closer to our reality: would you hop into a completely computer controlled self-driving car with no method of manual user input or intervention, touted of having a “flawless” driving record?

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