Psycho-Pass after episode 22 – Final Thoughts

           Akane sure turned into a hard boiled detective in a jiffy after Kogami went rogue. Man, Hard Boiled was such a damn good movie. Anyways, I guess being in this line of work can eventually turn even the most innocent and optimistic person jaded and cynical. The Akane’s ideals strongly reminds me of the old Dungeons & Dragons alignment “Lawful Good”, where a person with such alignment has a strong sense of righteousness, and always tries to operate within the confines of the system, law, doctrine, or whatever structure he or she finds themselves in. Then it occurred to me that “lawful” characters can never be revolutionists. It takes a neutral or chaotic character like Kogami or Makishima who do not regard order as absolute, to spark the fires of change.
           Ultimately Psycho-Pass dealt with the theme of freedom versus security, which boils down to this question: How much freedom are you willing to sacrifice to attain order and peace? It is a common question numerous novels that depict futuristic dystopias have asked, and a perpetually open-ended question to be sure.
           Aside from the very imprudent idea of having civilization being completely controlled by artificial intelligence, without any fail-safe measures, Psycho-Pass was a serious detective anime mostly done right. Thought-provoking, moderately-paced, and (almost) consistently well-animated. One of the best anime of last year, and, now among my favorites of 2012.

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