Shingeki no Kyojin after episode 08

           Warning, spoilers ahead.
           Whoa, Eren’s a titan…? Uh huh. Although I highly doubted Eren would have stayed dead after being munched by a titan, I didn’t expect him to be one. Despite this twist, this anime is letting me down in its writing. Let’s face it, the dialogues are just so melodramatic and cheesy, especially with all the doom and gloom monologues. Yes, I get it the first ten times, titans are scary and powerful and people are dying left and right. I guess Shingeki no Kyojin regurgitates this point over and over again to generate the melodrama. However, I’m here to watch humans fight titans, in all their gruesome glory and agony. Not to watch soldier cower, or their psychological breakdowns, over and over again. The anime would be much improved if screen time was shifted away from the meek, to those with iron wills. Heck, the show is titled “Attack on Titan” not “The Titan Crisis“.
           Still, there are some questions I’d like answered. What were the origins of these titans? Why are there no female titans? What is the thing that Eren’s father wanted to show Eren? Where is Eren’s father?

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