Devil Survivor 2 after episode 10

           Well, Hibiki turns out to be essentially “The One”, which let’s admit it, is about as surprising as finding holes in swiss cheese. Anyways, there’s something that has been bothering me throughout this anime. According to the anime, judgement week is laid upon the entirety of humanity. If so, what the hell is going on with the rest of the world? Why aren’t the rest of the world helping to fight this? Is the JPs really the only organization in the world that saw this coming, and hence the only organization capable of fighting back? I find that hard to believe. And even if so, why aren’t the septentrions attacking other locations on Earth? If I were the being that was doling out pain and suffering on mankind, I’d try to blow up juicier and more geographically separate targets such as Shanghai, Moscow, or New York. It would also make JPs job a lot harder. It boils down to this question: Why does everything happen in Japan? Yes yes, I am fully aware these are rhetorical questions, but I want to mention them anyway because they bother me. A lot.

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