Shingeki no Kyojin after episode 22

           Well, I’m sure more than one of us has compared the physical look of the female titan to the human cast and thought: hmm…the female titan’s blonde hair style looks awfully similar to Annie…
           If it’s true, and I think it’s highly likely that it is, it essentially confirms that other humans can turn into titans, and that someone gave them the power to do so, just like Eren. If Annie is that titan, it also brings strong suspicion that every “aberrant”, or rather, intelligent titan are possibly humans with titan transforming powers. It makes me wonder who that armored titan we saw in the beginning the series is. I’m willing to bet big bucks it has something to do with what Eren’s father discovered or researched, and what’s in the basement of Eren’s house. Very likely it reveals fundamental clues or answers to the connection between humans and titans.
           So why is Annie a baddie? Or maybe she isn’t, maybe she’s fighting for greater good of mankind. Who and for what goal is she working for? She, or rather, they, obviously wants Eren because he is human that can turn into a titan. But Eren is the only aberrant titan that is fighting with mankind, and every one we saw so far appear hostile to humans. So are they trying to convert Eren? If so, why? Questions, questions…

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