I was born on April 29th, 1986. Graduated from UBC with a Bachelor of Science in Astronomy Major. I listen and practice fingerstyle guitar, play computer games, and enjoy anime and manga, along with other lesser pastimes. I started this blog for the usual reasons, to share my mind about things I do and encounters in my life. Also blogging helps me organize my thoughts and form more robust opinions that otherwise would just be a jumble of feelings and ideas in my brain. Thanks for reading.



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Published on August 24, 2006 at 4:53 pm  Comments (8)  

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  1. Astronomy… Evil!~ I have a sudden urge to ask you a couple of questions. >_>.

  2. where did you find a copy or a book that had nabokov’s essay “on a book called lolita?”

  3. raquel:
    I had the second vintage international edition (June 1997) of the novel. Nabokov’s essay on “On a Book Entitled Lolita” came with that edition of Lolita.

  4. strange isn’t it how we hear a sound – fingerstyle, and it changes our life!
    i’m always introducing and educating my peers, friends and family about fingerstyle guitar.
    i’m particularly drawn to the melancholic-emotion driven keaggy,simpson,gerhardt, pierre bensusan stuff. i also like…andy mckee, larry pattis, elmcmeen and adrian legg.the list goes on and on.
    your are quite ambitious and focused for such a young person; your doing a great job on this site!

  5. Thank you for the encouraging words chris. It is great to know there are others out there raising awareness of fingerstyle guitar.

  6. email me your address and Ill send you Don Alders
    new CD ..cheers

  7. I like your blog, Bioshock kinda sucked tho!

  8. Man, I’m from Peru, I enjoy your blog so much and i love your opinions about movies and anime. I just read your thoughts about casshern sins, and i fell in love instantly of this blog, maybe because your opinion is almost the same as mine. I feel happy to found someone like you. Greetings.

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